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Write a jtageditor integration module

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Thinking about taking on this drop

I am thinking about claiming this project. I am just going to take a couple of days to research this a little more before I definitely claim it.


Awesome! Cool! Awesome! Looking forward to it! Have fun!

claiming this project

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If anyone wants to help let me know.

Nice. I want this to be used

Nice. I want this to be used in conjuntion with live.module for "good enough" wysiwyg. i will deploy this jtageditor module on groups.drupal.org once it is done.

jtageditor is now markItUp

jtageditor is now known as markItUp! () and without being aware of the jtageditor history behind it, I began working on an implementation for the "markitup" module last night (after searching for anyone else working on 'markitup' and finding no one), and I now have the basics of the functionality implemented and functional.

I was hoping to have an alpha or beta release of the module by the end of the week, and so I had already set up a project page.

What is the status of the jtageditor module? Is it being actively worked on by grndlvl? If not, I'd like to claim it in the name of markItUp. Otherwise... is it possible to join forces on DROP tasks, or ... ?

@moshe weitzman : I don't know if live preview was implemented in the jtagedtor plugin, but markItUp! provides a built-in live preview... is there a reason why the live module's preview would be preferable?


It is possible to join forces

It is possible to join forces on DROP tasks if you would like. I do not know if grndlvl is actively working on this.

had worked on it for a bit

was working on getting an implementation w/ jtageditor, ran into a huge snag w/ compatibility with some of the in line div tags that jtag editor created after drupal js had binded the objects. I had a work around and was only successful with commenting out a couple of lines of code w/ the jtageditor lib. Then some other things outside of the code world got in the way so i have not worked on this for a couple of weeks. Maybe markitUp! does not have these same issues.


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