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Improve the wikipedia article on Drupal

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I claim this task.

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I claim this task.

Claiming this task.

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Claiming this task.


Just for the record, you don't have to say “I claim this task” any more—this isn't GHOP. ;)

Unclaiming. Sorry folks, I

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Unclaiming. Sorry folks, I just don't like editing Wikipedia, far too strict and I'm too lazy to learn their rules.

I'll be happy to do this.

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Would love to hear from whomever put it on the list. So much is possible. What do you think is lacking? I plan to add D6 content. I'm not going to delete the part about usability, though will add info on usability initiatives. I'll definitely aim to clean up sentences with words like "whatever."

Of course, it's a wiki, so open to all, in reality...

what to do with {{reflist}}

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UPDATE: I figured this out.

Not sure how to edit sections where the content just says {{reflist}}
I want to update item 9 here:

I'll research MediaWiki for details on that, but if anyone know "off-the-bat," pls. do share.


Here is a sample "Diff" on the wikipedia entry

This enables you to view deletions and additions, and if you read more carefully, some content that was moved from one section to another.

There will be updates after this, so modify the "diff" parameter accordingly.

I am happy with the results of my work today (President's Day).

Kept a lot, removed extraneous content, reorganized, and added a lot.

Feedback welcome.

- Margie

Well done!

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The quality and accuracy of that article have certainly improved! Excellent work! Awesome!