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Create 15 second Dojo credits for videos

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I'll take this. Now, my

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I'll take this. Now, my first question: does the Drupal Dojo have an official logo / font / graphic identity? I'd like to use that in the video if possible.

We should track down Squidster

Squidster is the man behind all the crazy Dojo art you see on the current site:

It would be great if he could provide some art and possibly mentor this task - I can try to track him down.

Well, I kinda went nuts

Here's my first draft. I want to make some changes to the typography on the URLs, but check it out - MPEG4 video and audio in a .mov container (for now):

Second Draft

Here's another one, with way better voiceover!

Good job Steve!

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I'm going to go ahead and mark this DROP task complete. Of course, feel free to add more credits to the queue if you want to. ;-)