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Make user interface strings more specific

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Why? How?

The reasoning behind this is described in the issue. To quote mikl, The more plain and generic the original string is, the harder it is to translate it properly.

And it's not that advanced of a task. Go through the interface in English (either by browsing it or by looking at the source code - possibly both) and check for single word strings ("options", "online", "user", ...) and then try and find a more specific wording ("@module options", "site online", ...) or note that you can't/there isn't one - which can also be the case.

I'd also love to mentor this, but right now I'm on my way far away for 10-11 days, so I wouldn't be available to talk to about it. After 21st, I should be though, so if no one has stepped up to mentor this by then, I'll do it.