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PageAbout DROP cwgordon72233 hours 48 min ago
TaskCreate a list of resources for completing DROP tasks cwgordon7012 weeks 1 hour ago
TaskDROP cleanup cwgordon7112 weeks 2 days ago
TaskCreate a DROP install profile cwgordon7712 weeks 5 days ago
TaskCreate a logo for DROP webchick417 weeks 4 days ago
TaskHow to set a node as default front page kvantomme524 weeks 4 days ago
TaskWrite a jtageditor integration module cwgordon7827 weeks 3 days ago
TaskUpdate Views 1.x API Documentation for Views 2.x birdmanx35928 weeks 16 hours ago
TaskUpdate simpletest tests for Organic group module moshe weitzman330 weeks 6 days ago
TaskRemove hardcoded numeric deltas from all hook_block() implementations in core cwgordon7431 weeks 5 days ago
TaskWrite up a status report on the initial success of DROP cwgordon7033 weeks 4 days ago
Taskwhen the user adds a content type, base the type on the name using javascript greggles533 weeks 5 days ago
TaskCreate Icons for the Contribute Page birdmanx35434 weeks 2 days ago
TaskCreate a module that adds autocomplete functionality to the search module. cwgordon7334 weeks 4 days ago
TaskAdd an "edit this section" feature to the wikitools module cwgordon7336 weeks 17 hours ago
TaskUpdate Views theming documentation from comments merlinofchaos336 weeks 17 hours ago
TaskAbstract out "number of $foos" for blocks webchick336 weeks 17 hours ago
TaskPropose Ideas to improve Access control page eigentor636 weeks 17 hours ago
TaskAdd a link component to flexifilter module cwgordon7237 weeks 3 days ago
TaskDocumenting the wikitools module cwgordon7338 weeks 15 hours ago
TaskCreate Dojo backgrounds for video gusaus538 weeks 2 days ago
TaskAdvanced color module cwgordon7438 weeks 2 days ago
TaskImprove the wikipedia article on Drupal cwgordon7939 weeks 2 days ago
TaskCreate a module that acts like a trash bin dmitrig01239 weeks 4 days ago
TaskWrite final GHOP status report webchick339 weeks 5 days ago